Business Model Transformation as a Managed Service


Struggling to stay relevant in this hyper connected economy? We are here to help


Companies have to transform their business models in order to survive!

Every successful company, whether it knows it or not, owes its success to its business model - HBR

New business models focus on providing Superior Experience to Customers as opposed to just features to commoditized products

  • Goods to Services - Switch from transactional/capex models to subscription/outcome or usage based models to meet customers changing needs

  • Scale and Efficiency - Scaleable, centralized cloud based delivery model vs on-site delivery

  • Go to Market - Direct or form new partner models for better control on dis-intermediation

  • Customer Engagement - Informed, contextual one-to-one engagement with each customer

  • Customer Insights - Detailed insights about customers’ usage of your offerings to serve their needs better

  • Reactive to Predictive - Shift from reactive to predictive response to expanding opportunities

  • Predictive Revenue Streams - with annuity based models companies can gain greater customer lifetime value through increased sticky customer relationships


A Tsunami of technology developments have enabled new business models, buying patterns and changing customer expectations!

  • decoupling of ownership and usage

  • platform economy connecting

    • products/assets

    • customers

    • partners

    • employees and

    • business systems

  • on demand economy

  • subscription economy

  • API economy

  • click to subscribe vs cpq

  • transparency, insights

  • experience!


Our Offering – A technology & business partnership for your Business Model Transformation journey

Our proven ready to use Contextual Commerce Service is designed to address customers changing needs and enable companies to embark on their Business Model Transformation journey

We get you to market faster with new offerings and reduce your technology risk and investment

our proven contextual commerce service orchestrates your new offerings by connecting with devices in customers locations, your customers, partners, employees and business systems to provide a superior experience to all.

Here are a examples of new offerings that you can offer to your customers

  • 100% Device and Customer registration

  • Auto-Replenishment of supplies

  • Subscription or usage based models

  • Device as a Service (XaaS)

  • Remote device lifecycle management

  • Contextual 1:1 engagement with customers

  • Customer experience and value

Additional value that the offerings brings to you

  • Demand visibility and prediction

  • Match demand to supply

  • Reduce friction from predicting demand to revenue realization

  • Asset utilization

  • Customer insights

  • Integration with e-commerce platforms

  • Insights to up-sell and cross-sell

  • Inventory planning based on demand prediction analytics - what, how much, when, where to stock

  • Analytics for different stakeholders

Reach out to us to get to know how we have helped various OEMs across verticals in different geographies, and what we can do together to make you a pioneer in your industry


How do we partner with our customers?

We work with CXOs , P&L heads, Sales, Service and Marketing heads who are keen to reshape their offerings to customers. Work as a tag team together to take an offering to market, test and validate, apply learnings and then scale and expand offerings.

Our Focus - Reduce Your Risk

  • Technology – We use our proven Contextual Commerce Service offering to orchestrate your new business model strategy and enrich the experience to all stakeholders

  • Investment - Partner vs build - We bring our proven ready to use platform, eliminating your need for large R&D spend 

  • Business – Partnership Model where we share in the success of your new business model strategy

  • Competition – Innovate and be pioneer in your market

  • Operations – We run this for you as a managed service

•Your Focus

  • Business Model Strategy - Prioritize offerings based on your organization capability

  • Customer Value Proposition

  • Profit formula

  • Re-engineer Your Partner Strategy - Go direct or use partners for selling, fulfillment, service

  • Change Management - Align your organization’s structure, processes and incentivize key stake holders to make this strategy a success

  • Go to Market - Operational team that can market, sell and support (with our help) your branded offering directly or through key partners to achieve your goals


Why choose us?

Challenges faced by companies when platforms are built in-house or bought or crowd sourced

  • Leadership courage & internal capability

  • High risk of failure

  • Sufficient budget & resources

  • Immature digital culture

  • Long time to market

  • Data Privacy & Security

  • Never handled end customers directly

Our heritage

  • Our team has been a technology partner for numerous product OEMs for over three decades

  • we have kept pace with disruptive new technologies of Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Big Data, Analytics

  • we leverage these technologies to provide companies the ability to disrupt traditional markets and scale efficiently in a rapid manner

our offering

  • rather than “build”and reinvent the wheel for each customer, we developed our Contextual Commerce platform to address this industry wide problem

  • a partnership approach enables you to be a pioneer in your market segment and in today’s world its usually a winner takes all


  • risk of failure is the biggest stumbling block for most organizations. we reduce and share that risk through our partnership model

  • we practice what we preach - as you shift towards outcome based models, our contextual commerce service business model too is an outcome based model that is linked to your success



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